A Bit of Our History

Here at ScoDen Technology Solutions we have over 30 years experience in the Information Technology industries.

Starting in the 1980s with custom tracking and accounting software using databases such as dBase III+ and RBase built for the original PCs to maintenance of “mini” type machines like the IBM AS400, DEC MicroVAX with CoBOL, VMS and RPG in the early 90’s.

Soon other software and operating systems became available such as SCO Unix, AIX and Ultrix with LanMan, OS2, NetWare and NT Server.

The late 1990’s came along with a scare of a Y2K disaster.  ScoDen was there assisting our clients testing hardware and software to verify that their systems would not be affected by the century change.

Databases such as Progress 4GL and multiple varieties of SQL soon were at the forefront and commonplace with companies beginning to reach out for fully integrated and paperless environments.

Modifications of ERP and CMMS systems from a myriad of companies and integrations with in-house systems like EDI, CAM, and quality systems.

As a result of our long history and experience, ScoDen is well versed in a variety of the current systems.  Our in-house staff has the knowledge to help with your IT issues, and if we don’t have that knowledge through our own experiences, we have a network of independent consultants, like ourselves, to make your experience as seamless as possible.